Whitelist Collector (Beta)

Start collecting addresses for Whitelists!

Whether you're an NFT project or an alpha group that just collaborated with the next blue chip, collecting whitelists can be a long and manual task. Expedite this process to reduce boring work for your team! The Hyper WL Collector can be configured to only allow users with select server roles to give their address.

Coming soon Raffles & Stock for WL entries

1. Create a new Whitelist

After installing the Whitelist app, the "Whitelists" will appear in your navigation bar. You can start a new Whitelist with several conditions. You can only allow members with a certain role to enter, have a maximum number of entries, or select winners automatically (randomly) at select date.


2. Start distributing it to your server!

You can then get the link and start distributing it to your server members!


3. Enter Whitelist

Your community can then easily enter the whitelist with their wallet address. There will be no need for them to sign any contracts.


3. View Entries

You can then click on the Whitelist and view all of the entries. There will also be an indication of their status if you chose to raffle the whitelist.


4. Export Entries

If you chose a raffle, the statuses of entries will update indicating who won. Whenever you're ready to send over the addresses, you can simply export the entries to a CSV and do as your please!



Filtering and exporting winners

At the moment, the export will include the entire list of entries including their status (winner or entered). We'll eventually enable you to filter and only export winners. However for the mean time, you'll have to sort on the CSV yourself.

What’s Next

Now download the whitelist app from the Hyper app store!