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Hyper is a payment and authentication system that powers commerce for thousands of communities.

Latest update

We officially released v5, the next major iteration of the Hyper Discord authentication system. Whether you've realized it or not, we've been rolling out v5 incrementally over the past few months; wherever we saw room for pertinent improvement (i.e. page load time), we built the fix into v5 and rolled out the updated components to all users after they had been tested. This update is particularly important because it includes solutions to the two biggest technical challenges we've faced over the past year: traffic handling and bot management. Read on to learn what changed and discover all the cool stuff you can now do with Hyper!

Bot protection

One of the most significant additions we made in v5 is bot protection. When we began working on bot protection, we had three major goals:

  1. Offer basic protection to any customer who is having trouble with bots
  2. Enforce enterprise-level security to customers who need it most
  3. Make it harder for bots to check out without hindering the user experience (no CAPTCHAs!)

Since releasing our new bot protection (which we've dubbed "Warden"), we're proud to say that we've accomplished all three of our goals. We even have contingencies in place that allow us to instantly roll new versions when someone cracks our protection (which, as you may know, is inevitable. Even Nike has problems with bots).

You can enable bot protection from the admin dashboard for an additional $20/mo.

Redesigned admin interface

In v5, we completely redesigned the admin interface. Here's what we wanted to do:

  1. Make it easier for new users to get started with Hyper
  2. Make core features more prominent while maintaining the same advanced workflows we supported in v3

We opted for a top-navigation layout, including new pages dedicated to plans and releases and a highly intuitive flow for creating new releases. We'll be tracking analytics over the coming weeks and making changes as necessary to guarantee that Hyper is easier than ever to use.

Traffic handling

Let's face it: Hyper used to crash. However, with our new hosting and traffic handling architecture, we can actually make pages load quicker the more people visit them. If ten million people went for a restock, our servers wouldn't just survive, they'd prosper. To that end, if you ever experience lag on a Hyper site, contact support immediately! Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for members to join your group, and top-notch performance is top priority.

Transfer system

In v5, unbinding is a thing of the past. We sat down to reimagine the process of reselling a membership on Hyper, and came up with something we call the "transfer system." Here's how it works:

  1. The seller clicks the "Transfer license" button in the member portal.
  2. The license is unlocked, and a link is made available to the seller.
  3. The seller sends the newly available link to the buyer.
  4. The buyer opens the link, and is taken to a page where they are prompted to enter their payment info.
  5. The buyer enters their payment info and clicks "Confirm transfer."
  6. The license is automatically unbound from the seller, and the payment info attached to the license is replaced with the buyer's info. The buyer receives an email receipt, and is taken to the dashboard where they can join the Discord server. The seller is automatically kicked from the Discord server.

To configure the transfer system, head to the transfer settings in the admin dashboard.

Staff management

You can now add other staff members directly from the admin dashboard. Just head to the staff page, copy the invite link, send it to your staff member, and they'll be able to access the dashboard as an administrator. They will not be able to access your Stripe account or any other personal information. If you need to give someone access to your Stripe account, head to https://dashboard.stripe.com/settings/team.

Require login before purchase

You can now require your users to log in before purchasing. This is useful if you want to prevent individual users from purchasing more than one membership during restocks. You can enable this feature from the payment settings in the admin dashboard.

Collect billing addresses

In v5, it is possible to require your users to enter their billing address during checkout. This can be helpful when dealing with chargebacks, and is particularly important if your business operates in Europe. To collect billing addresses during releases, enable the feature from the payment settings in the admin dashboard.

Add a download link

If you offer a software product along with your group, you can allow your members to download your software right from the dashboard. To enable the feature, head to the download settings in the admin dashboard.

Leaving beta with the upgrades system

If your group is currently in beta, you should make use of the upgrades system to go paid. The upgrades system lets you choose a plan that your members can upgrade to if they're on a free plan. To enable the upgrades system, head to the upgrades settings in the admin dashboard.