Unlinking Discord

What is it?

The Unlink Discord button disconnects the Discord account that is connected to a license key while keeping the email the same. Unlinking Discord will remove the user from your Discord server until they link a new Discord account. If you need to update the email connected to a license key, utilize the Transfer button.



Only customers who have purchased products with Discord integration can have their Discord account unlinked.

When to Use

The most common use-case will be for when your customers accidentally purchase your product with a Discord account that they don't intend to use with your product.

Occasionally, you may find that a customer is confused because they only see a Sign Out button after logging in.


This happens when a customer is logged into a Hyper account that doesn't have a license key attached.


Ask the user to sign out and sign back in with the Discord account that was used to purchase. If the user is still experiencing issues, you may need to unlink their Discord account and ask them to log in with the email attached to the license key and re-connect Discord.


Beware of customers trying to get you to unlink their Discord account for fraudulent purposes (e.g. trying to resell a non-resellable license key).