Subscription top-ups

Allow customers to purchase additional billing intervals at a discount


Top-ups are a feature of the Scale plan

If you're interested in upgrading, you can upgrade in the Dashboard, or contact us in our Discord Server.

Enabling top-ups is a great way to let your users pay for billing intervals in advance. The main incentive for them to do so is by setting a discount that gives them a set percent off their purchase.

How it works

Top-ups can be configured per-product. To get started, head to the products page. Select the product you'd like to enable top-ups for. Click "Edit details" to open the product settings. A checkbox at the bottom will appear labeled "allow top-ups". Click the checkbox to view the top-ups configuration for this product.


Enabling top-ups for a product

Top-ups allow you to configure specific discounts for specific intervals. In the screenshot above, we've enabled a 10% discount for a 1 month top-up. You can offer up to 5 individual discount and interval combinations.

How it works for your customers

If eligible to top-up (the customer is not on a trial nor past due) they will see an "Add <interval>s" button. In this case, it's "Add months", since our product is a monthly recurring subscription. Once the customer clicks the button, they'll be prompted to choose one of your pre-configured options. The last step would be for them to click "Pay". We'll automatically charge the latest payment method that they have on file.


Top-ups on the member portal