Invite employees to your Hyper account.

Your Hyper team allows you to grant restricted access to your Hyper account to employees of your business. When inviting a team member, there are 5 roles.


  • Administrator: Best for business owners and company administrators.
  • Developer: Best for developers or people primarily using the Hyper API.
  • Moderator: Best for people who need access to every part of the dashboard except for statistics and settings.
  • Public Relations: Best for employees who need to create links, but don't need to manage licenses.
  • Content Editor: Best for employees who only need read/write access to Guides.

Inviting a team member:

Head to the Team settings page and click "New member". You'll be prompted to select a role and input an email. Once you've completed those 2 fields, click "Send invite". The user will receive an invite link to their email. Once they visit the link, they'll be a member of your Hyper account with the assigned role.


Hyper team invite modal


Custom Permissions

If you're looking for a custom role/permissions set, we're more than happy to add it. Contact us here.