Everything you need to know about purchase links.

Purchase links allow you to sell products. You can limit the amount of sales by ticking the "Limit the number of times the link can be used" box, restrict access to the link using a password and allow users to test the service by adding a trial period in days. You can also charge an initial fee, which is an amount charged on top of the plan's amount.

Say, for example, you want a maximum of 40 users to be able to purchase licenses using the previously created plan (guide here). You also want them to try the service for 7 days and charge them $5 for it. They'll be able to avoid paying $20 for the whole month if they cancel during the trial.
We also set a password, in this case twitter-restock, because we're going to post the purchase link on Twitter so our loyal followers can purchase the service. Here's how the link should look like:



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