Quick Tasks

Quick tasks are a unique way of launching automation scripts from your member portal.

Getting started with the Quick Tasks app only takes a few minutes. This guide will cover everything you need to know to get started.

First, if you haven't already, you'll want to install the app.

Once it's installed, the rest is up to you to integrate.

First, we need to store a Quick Task URL in a license's metadata. You can use the Update license metadata endpoint to do this. Your license's metadata should look similar to the following:

  "metadata": {
    "quicktask_url": "http://localhost:5000/quicktask_server"

This URL will be used when you send users to the portal to launch a quick task.

Say your member portal's domain is https://demo.hyper.co. You want to send your users to https://demo.hyper.co?quicktask=true&your=query&goes=here, but replace &your=query&goes=here with the parameters you want your server to receive.

For example, if we want to launch a task for a Size 10 Jordan 1, your parameters might look like &brand=jordan&size=10.

This will send a request to each quick task URL for each license that the customer holds. Your server should respond with a 2xx response code if successful, and 4xx if not successful.


Help! My request is being denied by CORS preflight!

You'll need to install a CORS middleware on your API to allow cross-origin requests. If you're using express, you can use the cors middleware for that.