Everything you need to know about products.

Products decide how often and what amounts you charge your customers. You can also attach integrations like Files and Discord, β€” or have no integrations and use webhooks to manage fulfillment yourself.

There are 4 kinds of products:

  • Recurring (charge the customer on an interval)
  • Lifetime (charge the customer upfront one-time)
  • Free
  • Rental (charge the customer for access for a set period of time)

You can attach Files and Links to a product, they'll be displayed to users in the customer portal. Additionally, you can edit the integration that is associated with the product.


Product overview page

If you have the BotMart App installed and you have transfers enabled, customers can list their licenses on BotMart!

To edit the name, image, description, or manage transfer settings, click "Edit details".


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