Customize the way you accept payments on Hyper.

Require Discord Login

This toggle switch allows you to require Discord login before purchasing a product. This may be useful if you want to prevent customers from subscribing with just an email address.


Prevent Duplicate Trials

This feature allows you to prevent customers from abusing free trials on a product. If a customer had previously redeemed a free trial on a specific product, toggling this feature will prevent that user from signing up for another free trial on that same product. From the users perspective, a message will appear notifying them that they have already redeemed a free trial on this product in the past.


Multiple Subscriptions

This feature will allow your customers to have multiple subscriptions to and own more than one of the same product.

Collect Billing Address

This feature allows you to collect a billing address from customers at checkout. The billing address will be available directly on Stripe.


Invoice Prefix

Similar to the license prefix feature, invoice prefixes allow you to set a custom string before invoice numbers.

Banned Servers

This feature is only available to Scale customers. If you haven't already upgraded, you can subscribe to Scale by clicking the Starter icon here.

This feature allows you to prevent people who are in specific Discord servers from purchasing your products. You can add servers to the list by copy pasting the Discord server ID.


How to Find a Discord Server ID

  1. Navigate to Discord
  2. If you already have Discord Developer settings enabled, skip to step 3. To enable Discord Developer settings, navigate to your User Settings, click the Advanced tab, and turn on Developer Mode.
  3. Right click the server icon you want to get the ID for.
  4. Click Copy ID.


Discord server IDs are also commonly referred to as Guild IDs.