Creating a Hyper account

Go through our onboarding flow to start selling on Hyper in minutes.

Getting started on Hyper only takes a few minutes. In order to get started selling, you'll need to create a Hyper account and connect a Stripe account.

Head to our homepage. You'll be greeted by the page below:


The Hyper landing page

Click "Sign up" to get started. If you're already logged in you'll be redirected to our onboarding flow. If not, you'll be prompted to sign in. Continue with e-mail or Discord, and you'll be redirected to onboarding. You will see the following page:


The Hyper onboarding flow

Fill out a couple of details about your business, and you'll be on your way. Example below:


Completed onboarding flow

Once you click "Start selling", your account will be created and you'll be redirected to the dashboard. The only remaining step that is required to start selling is connecting a Stripe account, which only takes a few seconds. If you don't already have a Stripe account, you'll be prompted to create one in the onboarding flow.

What’s Next

The next step is to connect your Stripe account.