Use the Hyper OAuth API to authenticate users in your application.

This guide will show how to use the Hyper OAuth API to retrieve a user's license.



  • Hyper account
  • Set a callback URL in your dashboard

Setup Redirect URIs

Retrieve License

Retrieving a user's license using Hyper OAuth is very simple. Here's the general flow:

  1. User clicks Login on your site or application.
  2. User is redirected to your Hyper Portal with two query parameters:
    a) grant_type: In this case, license.
    b) redirect_uri: One of your saved Redirect URIs from your Developer Settings.
  3. User selects Discord/Twitter OAuth and logs in.
  4. User is redirected back to your Hyper Portal's callback.
  5. User is redirected to your specified redirect_uri with a query parameter of license if they are a licensed user.
  • Setting method to discord will bypass the Hyper login page, avoiding step 3.