Legal settings are strictly optional but highly recommended. Protecting your business legally is a crucial piece to becoming successful and scaling.

Creating a Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Termly offers a free terms of service and privacy policy product. Termly uses software to automatically generate a variety of legal documents that fit your specific business. There are plenty of other options online that you can explore. Ultimately, you should aim to contact a real legal professional especially if you plan to scale your business.

Adding Legal Documents to Hyper

Once you have formed a terms of service and/or a privacy policy, you will need to gather links for each. If you used Termly, they should have provided you with links that can be pasted directly on Hyper. If you used another service or contracted a legal professional to write documents for you, you will need to upload the documents online. If you have a website, that's a great place to host legal documents for your business. If you don't have a website, you can use something like Google Docs to host your legal documents.


After you have pasted links into your legal settings, they will show to customers on the checkout page.