Hyper Verified

Get verified on Hyper!

What does the verification system include?

Getting verified on Hyper can take your business to the next level:

  • Get a verified check mark on your member portals to bolster confidence in your product
  • Showcase your business on our landing page
  • Get early access to new features via our beta program
  • Use Hyper Verified for marketing

How do I apply?

Applications can be submitted in one click via the settings page on the dashboard. An alert will appear in the dashboard prompting you to apply for account verification only if you meet the preliminary requirements (provided a website, business description, 1+ social media accounts in Settings, and at least 100 active subscriptions). After submitting, our team will take this information and use it in making a decision on your request.


Verification Eligibility Alert

What are the requirements?

As of now, there are a few requirements. These are subject to change in the future, but as of now, we require:

  1. A public-facing website with details about your services
  2. Public-facing support channels, whether via Intercom, Twitter, or email
  3. A business description provided in Hyper’s dashboard
  4. At least 1,000 followers on one or more social media platforms
  5. At least 100 recurring subscriptions on your Hyper account
  6. Being on the Scale plan

How do I keep verification?

To preserve the integrity of our program, we require all verified accounts to not change their domain, logo, or name. If you're approved, these fields will immediately become disabled for you in Settings.

If you have to change one of these fields, you'll need to open a ticket in our Discord server and reapply for verification.

How long will it take to get verified after applying?

We’ll review applications on a rolling basis. If your account fits the requirements, we’ll accept your application and you’ll see that your account has been verified in the dashboard. To maintain the integrity of the program, we only accept well-qualified applications and reserve the right to deny any request at our sole discretion.