Hyper Landing Pages

Learn how you can customize the landing page on your member portal.

Landing pages are a great marketing tool. Potential customers can learn more about your product before purchasing, and it's always beneficial to have a page about your business for SEO. Building a landing page can be tedious and expensive — so by default, Hyper offers a basic landing page that you can take advantage of.

The landing page is broken down into a few components, each of which can be customized.

  1. Logo
  2. Account name
  3. Business description
  4. Social media links
  5. Pinned links
  6. Waitlist prompt

Your logo can be updated in your Branding settings. Learn more about how to update your branding here.

You can update your account name, business description, and social media links from general settings.

To pin a link, head to the links page. If you've already created the link you'd like to pin, click the "pin" icon next to the link. Otherwise, head to the new link page to create a new link. If you set a nickname for the link, the nickname will be displayed on the landing page, rather than the product name.

To enable the waitlist prompt, you'll need to enable the waitlist for at least one product. Head to the products page and select the product you'd like to enable the waitlist for. Click "Enable waitlist" on the waitlist details card. That's it! Potential customers will now be prompted to join the waitlist.

I've just added some or all of these, what will it look like? Great question. Here's what a fully configured landing page looks like:


Example Hyper landing page

And that's it! Enjoy your new landing page. As always, if there's anything you're looking for, let us know in our Discord server.