Guide to Guides

Instead of using third party guides, you can create guides directly on Hyper.

Creating a Guide

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your guides.
  2. Click New Guide

Create Nested Guides

Each guide is displayed individually as a tab. Guides can be nested to create pages within a guide. To create pages within a guide, drag a guide, hover over the guide you want to nest with, and drop.


Organizing Guides

Organizing guides is super simple. Drag and drop guide pages to re-order the way they are displayed to customers.

Guide Settings

To view guide settings, click the three dots icon. You will see the following settings:

  • Delete Guide -- this will permanently delete a guide page.
  • Publish/Unpublish Guide -- published guides are publicly available to customers. Unpublished guides are only available to account administrators/owners.
  • Lock to Product -- this setting allows you to restrict guides to customers who own a specific product.
  • Copy Link -- this allows you to copy a specific guide link for distribution.

Sharing Guides

The Share button in the upper left hand corner quickly copies the link to whichever guide are you currently editing. It's a faster way of copying a link versus clicking the three dots icon and clicking Copy Link.


Only published guides will show to customers.