Basic settings for your dashboard.

Getting Started

The general settings page is a great place to setup the following settings:

  • Account Name -- change the name of your Hyper dashboard.
  • Business Description -- a general description that is displayed on your member portal.
  • Domain -- if you would like to add a custom domain, part of the process happens here. Refer to Custom Domain for a full guide on how to setup a custom domain.
  • Links -- add a website link and social media links. These are displayed on your member portal. Social links are displayed in the form of buttons to users.
  • License Prefix -- add a prefix to the beginning of your license keys. For example if you set the prefix as HYPER, you license keys will look like HYPER-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.
  • Delete Account -- if you need to delete your Hyper account, please reach out to Hyper Support.

Account Verification

If your account is eligible for verification, you will also see a box notifying you of that on the general settings page.