Fiat-based Crypto pricing

Base the price of your Crypto products on a fiat currency.

Accepting Crypto directly is great if your customers are native to web3 — but Crypto is volatile and you might prefer a more consistent stream of revenue. You can now base the price of a Crypto product on a fiat value (e.g. sell a product in ETH that will be worth $99 USD at any instant).

How it works


Base pricing currently only supports USD

We will be adding support for other fiat currencies (e.g GBP) soon. Stay tuned to our Discord server for more information.

1. Configure your product

Create your product like those you have in the past — if this is your first product, you can follow our guide on Products.

2. Toggle "Charge in crypto"

Select the "Charge in crypto" checkbox. You'll be presented with the choice of Ethereum or Solana. At the time of sale, you will receive the amount of ETH or SOL worth the price you set above.


Creating a USD base-priced Ethereum product on Hyper

What the customer sees


USD-based Ethereum pricing checkout page


Crypto transaction details

The customer will see the cryptocurrency value in their wallet's pop-up during the checkout flow. For example, after clicking "subscribe", our wallet has appeared and displayed that I will be spending 0.0256 ETH, or $30.00 USD at the time.

Your customer will complete the transaction and complete the checkout process. Depending on your fulfillment settings, the customer will receive a confirmation email and their product.


MetaMask pop-up during the checkout flow