Everything you need to know about customers.

Onboarding a customer

A customer is a user who is subscribed to one or more of your products. A customer can also have a license key. You can onboard a new customer by clicking "New" on the Customers page, selecting a free product in the dropdown, inputting the customer's email address, and then clicking "Send license".

If you'd like to onboard a customer to a recurring product, you want to create a Link with a max usages of 1. This prevents licenses from being generated without an active subscription.


New customer modal

Viewing a customer

On the customers page, you can search for a customer by product, username, Discord ID, email, user ID, customer ID, or subscription ID. Once you find the customer you're looking for, you can click on the row to get a full overview of the customer. The customer preview page shows information about a customer including their user details, license key, subscription information if there is a subscription attached, payments and metadata associated with the license.


Customer overview page


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