Custom Emails

Extend your brand's presence within emails sent by Hyper!


Custom Emails are a feature of the Scale plan

If you're interested in upgrading, you can upgrade in the Dashboard, or contact us in our Discord Server.

Using custom emails is a great way to develop your brand identity.

How it works

Hyper uses Handlebars for email templating. You should familiarize yourself with the syntax using the official documentation. We provide a realtime email preview that supplies test values for any variables the email type uses to make setup easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the realtime preview update?
The realtime preview on the right hand side of email customization cards updates whenever a new content template is uploaded or when you click/tap away from the subject entry field after editing it. This is done to optimize performance.

Do your templates support HTML and CSS?
Yup! Using HTML and CSS in your content (email body) templates provides a refined look and feel to your users. We highly recommend using the test feature with accounts from various different email providers to make sure that your templates behave as expected. In other words, use the live preview as a starting point. Note: email subject templates should always be free of HTML/CSS.

How to use it

First, head to Notifications in settings. You'll see cards for several types of emails that Hyper sends to your users when certain events occur.


Notifications page

Next, choose an email type and supply the following:

SubjectA one line Handlebars template for the email's subject line.
Template ContentA Handlebars template for the email's main body. Can contain HTML.

We recommend testing your setup before saving using the Test button located in the footer. After pressing it, you'll be able to provide the email(s) to send the message to.


Test and Save footer buttons


Email entry modal

Finally, once you've decided on a setup, click the Save button located in the footer to mark your email template as the default for its respective email type on your account. Saving is only available when changes have been made to either the subject or content templates. After this, your templates will be used anytime their type gets triggered.

Things to consider adding

  • Your logo
  • Mission statement
  • Socials


Here are the default templates Hyper uses. We recommend downloading these and editing them directly to get an idea of what variables are available for each email type.

  1. Invoice Receipt
  2. License Receipt
  3. Waitlist Invite