Crypto Payments

Get started accepting Crypto payments on Hyper's platform in seconds.

Hyper now supports Crypto payments. In addition to all the fiat currencies supported by connecting a Stripe account to Hyper, you'll now be able to accept Ethereum and Solana as well. Every major feature of Hyper's platform is integrated with our Crypto payments stack. In this article we'll outline some of the key features, pricing options, and how you can best leverage Crypto payments for your business.

Getting started

1. Connect your payout wallet

The first step to getting paid in cryptocurrency on Hyper is configuring your payout wallet. You can connect your Ethereum and Solana wallets from your payments settings. Payouts will go directly to your wallet after each transaction. Once you've configured an Ethereum or Solana wallet, you're ready to create your first crypto product.

2. Create your first crypto product

Once you've decided what you're selling, head to the new product page. Depending on which crypto wallet you've saved in settings, you'll be able to accept payments in ETH or SOL by selecting one of them from the currency selector.


Creating a recurring Ethereum product on Hyper

In this example, we've gone ahead and created a recurring product priced in Ethereum. You can also create a one-time or rental product as well. Read more about creating Products and all the associated options here: Products.


Recurring payments with Ethereum and Solana require top-ups

Due to the nature of the Ethereum and Solana networks, draining a traditional wallet is not programmatically possible. Customers who subscribe to a recurring product will receive periodic email reminders at the end of each billing period, with a link to top-up their subscription. If you'd like to customize the email content that a customer receives, you can learn more about that here.

If you'd like to configure automated Discord messages for Crypto renewals, you can do so by following this guide: Discord Payment Messages app.

3. Get to selling! Crypto payments are integrated in to every major feature of Hyper's platform.

Create a link, raffle, enable the waitlist — you decide. Hyper is flexible enough to support a ton of use-cases. And if there's anything you're looking for, feel free to reach out to our Support team.

Additional configuration


When visiting payments settings, 4 different options are relevant to Crypto payments.

Ethereum Address

This is the Ethereum wallet address that Ethereum payments will be deposited to.

Solana Public Key

This is the Solana wallet address that Solana payments will be deposited to.

Crypto Retry Days

For recurring Crypto subscriptions, this number of days will be used to calculate when to cancel a subscription. If you set this to 7 days, a subscription that was set to renew on the 20th will be valid until the 27th, at which point it will be canceled.

Invoice Prefix

For recurring Crypto subscriptions, invoices are automatically generated and sent via e-mail to your customers. Invoice numbers are automatically calculated based on the count of invoices on your account. If you'd like to customize the invoice number's prefix, set it here. Otherwise, it will be automatically calculated based on the name of your Hyper account.