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The waitlist feature is exclusive to Scale customers. If you haven't already, you can upgrade to Scale by clicking the Starter icon here.

Getting Started

Setting up your waitlist only takes a few minutes — to get started, navigate to your settings and choose a default product. The default product will show to users when they visit your waitlist landing page. You can also set Waitlist Invite Expiration days. This setting determines the number of days before a waitlist invite expires.

Setting Up Your Waitlists

Waitlists are product specific and can be enabled directly via your product settings.

  1. Navigate to a product you previously created
  1. Click Enable Waitlist
  1. Click Edit Configuration

In this section you can configure additional settings.

  • Enable the waitlist for [Product Name] -- this checkbox allows you to enable or disable waitlist entries on a product.
  • Collect payment details -- this checkbox allows you to require customers to enter their payment information when signing up for the waitlist. When selected, customers will be automatically charged after being invited from the waitlist.
  • Include a free trial -- this checkbox allows you to add a free trial for customers invited from the waitlist.
  • Include a one-time setup fee -- this checkbox allows you to charge an additional one-time fee on top of the product price for customers invited from the waitlist.

Adding Questions

If you want to collect some additional information from users who are entering your waitlist, you can do so by asking a few questions. You can add up to 5 questions per waitlist. Click the Add a question button to get started.

  1. Click Save changes
  1. After your waitlist is setup, click Copy link and distribute the sign up link as needed.

Managing Waitlist Entries

Now that you have at least one waitlist setup, navigate to your waitlist entries page. On this page, you will see the following tabs:

  • Active -- allows you to view all pending entries.
  • Invited -- allows you to view everyone you have invited from the waitlist. Invites can be revoked here.
  • Purchased -- allows you to view invites from those who have purchased after receiving an invite from the waitlist.


You can export waitlist entries at https://hyper.co/waitlist/entries

Sending Waitlist Invites

Find the user you want to select and click Send Invite. If you collected payment details, their card will automatically be charged and they will receive an email. If you weren't collecting payment details, they will be emailed a link to purchase.

Bumping Waitlist Invites

Navigate to your invites page, click the three dots icon and click Bump invite. An email reminder will be sent to the user.

Deleting Waitlist Entries

Click the three dots icon and click Delete entry.

Entering the Waitlist

From the customers perspective, entering the waitlist is super easy. They will need to visit your waitlist sign up link and login with an email or Discord account. They will then be asked to select which product they want to enter the waitlist for.


If you have Collect payment details unchecked (in product settings), the user will only be asked to enter a first name, optional phone number, and answers to your questions. If you have Collect payment details checked, they will also need to enter their credit card details.