Creating a Waitlist

Hyper Waitlist

A waitlist is a great way to gauge interest from users and build a stronger community. Hyper’s waitlist supports collecting payment information at signup, free trials, one-time setup fees, exporting entries to CSV, and checkout analytics!

In order to create a waitlist, you will first need a product. If you don’t have a product already, you can create one here.

Once you’ve created a product, navigate to the product overview page by clicking on the product’s row.

Creating your waitlist

Setting up your waitlist only takes a few seconds — to get started, click “Edit waitlist”

You should see the following dialog appear:

As you can see, “Collect payment methods” is pre-selected. This means that a user will be required to enter their payment information in order to sign up. Once your user is accepted from the waitlist they will immediately be charged for the product and receive a license.

Just like a purchase link, you can offer customers a free trial and charge them a one-time setup fee. For this demo, we’ll add a 10 day free trial for our users by clicking on “include free trial” and entering 10 into the “days” field. Let’s also add a one time setup fee of $20 by clicking on “include a one-time setup fee” and entering 20 into the field.

A waitlist can have anywhere from 1-5 questions. Each waitlist comes with a default question — “Why do you want to join ?”, but this can be edited. To add another question, click “Add a question”. We’ll edit the default question and add a second one.

Once we’ve finished customizing our waitlist, we can enable it by clicking “Enable the waitlist for ” and clicking “Save changes”.

You can now view your new waitlist by clicking on “View waitlist” or clicking on “Copy waitlist link” and pasting it into a new tab in your browser.

You will be greeted by the waitlist entry page — it should look like this:

You can now share this waitlist signup link with potential customers!

Inviting users from your waitlist

Once you’ve had users sign up to your waitlist there’s two ways you can find their entries on the dashboard.

The first way is by clicking on view entries on the product page for the waitlist.

The second way is by clicking on waitlist on the sidebar, however, will show you all entries for all waitlists you’ve enabled.

For this demo, click on “view entries” and you should see the following page.

Here you can manage your waitlist entries and copy your link to share with your customers.

Let’s invite this user by hitting “Charge user”, since their payment info has already been stored, Hyper will immediately charge them and issue them a license.

Rejecting users from your waitlist

If you decide that you do not want to accept a user from your waitlist, you can user hyper to reject them. This will remove all of their information, including payment information from the waitlist, and they will not be charged.

To reject a user from the waitlist, click on the ellipsis on a waitlist entry and click delete entry.

Exporting Entries

To export your entries into CSV click on the waitlist page.

Once you’re on that page click on “Export CSV”