Creating a product

Creating a product in Hyper is as simple as choosing what you're selling and setting a price.

To create a product that potential customers can purchase from you, head to the new product page. From here you can choose what you're selling, set a price, and get one step closer to making your first dollar on Hyper.


Hyper new product page

For this example, we'll be using the Discord integration. I've connected to my "Dog Food" server, and selected the "Member" role for users to be given when they join the server. Click "Next" once you're done configuring the integration.


Discord integration setup

The last page of the New product modal allows you to set the name, image, type of product, description, and price. You can set the type of product to recurring, lifetime, free, or rental. More about this in Products.


New product pricing configuration

For this product, we've opted for a recurring pricing schema that renews every month for $30. We've also added a description, which in our research greatly improves conversion at checkout. Once you're ready, click "Create product".


Completed new product pricing configuration

Once you've created the product, you'll be redirected to the product overview page.

From this page, you can do a number of things:

  • Edit the name, description, and image
  • Enable the transfer system and set a cooldown
  • Edit the roles and cancel action associated with the Discord integration
  • Upload files that your customers can access
  • Attach links that your customers can access

Product overview page

What’s Next

You've created your first product! Time to create your first link and get to selling.