Creating a link

Create a link that potential customers can visit to purchase your products.

To create a product that link customers can visit to purchase your product, head to the new link page. You can choose a product and configure various details about the link.

Here we're creating a link to the product we just created, the "Discord Membership" product. Choose the product you'd like to sell in the "Product" dropdown, and then configure the details to your liking.


Password protect the link

This prevents anyone from accessing your purchase link unless they know the password.

Limit the number of times the link can be used

This limits the number of licenses that can be created from the link. If you wanted to release 10 keys, set this to 10.

Choose a later start date

This prevents anyone from checking out before the date/time you specify. If they visit the link before the time, they'll be presented a countdown and then redirected to checkout once the countdown runs out.

Only allow members of a certain server to use the link

This is our "groupbuys" feature. You can make it so that only users of a certain Discord server can purchase from your link. This works especially well for servers that have partnerships or bots that release copies to a certain group.

Subscription options

Include a free trial

This one is pretty self-explanatory, you can give customers a free trial of your product before charging them.

Include a one-time setup fee

This allows you to charge an "initial fee" when customers purchase your product.


New Link page