API Keys

Generate API keys and consume the Hyper API

When consuming the Hyper API, there are 3 forms of authentication you can use to access our endpoints.

Publishable keys

Publishable keys have restricted access to 2 endpoints:

  1. Retrieve license
  2. Update license metadata

Publishable keys are designed in a way that they're safe to be used in client-side software, where they can only retrieve data based on a private value, and only update a certain field on a resource (in this case a license's metadata). You can generate a publishable key here.

Restricted keys

Restricted keys can have scope-specific access. If you want an API key that can only access certain endpoints, open a ticket and we can generate one for you. A good example would be allowing a vendor to only create releases, but nothing else.

Secret keys

Secret keys have unrestricted access to your Hyper account. Be careful who gets access to your Secret keys. They can perform any action you can on the dashboard.


Generating Restricted API Keys

To generate a Restricted key, contact us here. These types of API keys are in beta and we love to hear the use-cases!