Reward users for referring new customers

An affiliate program can be an extremely effective way of driving revenue. The idea behind affiliate programs is that you give someone a link that they can use to refer people to your product, and if someone buys the product using an affiliate's link, they get a percentage of the revenue from that sale.

Enabling Your Affiliate Program

Go to your settings and in the Product section, select the product you want Affiliates to earn a commission on. The product you select will apply to all affiliates and only one product can be selected.


Setting Up Commissions

You can set a default commission that will apply to all affiliates.


Or, you can individually set a commission per affiliate.

  1. Navigate to your affiliates page
  2. Click the three dots icon
  3. Click Edit Commission
  4. Enter desired commission


The minimum commission is 1% and the maximum is 80%

Optional Settings

After you enable your affiliate program, consider taking advantage of a few additional features.

One-time Payouts

Navigate back to your settings and find the One-time Payouts section. You will see a toggle for Reward affiliates just at the start. When the toggle is turned off, affiliates will receive a recurring commission on active subscriptions they have referred. When the toggle is turned on, affiliates will only receive a one-time commission when a referee signs up initially.


"Toggle Off" Example

Let's say you choose a $30/mo product and a 10% reward when setting up your affiliate program. For every sale made by an affiliate, the affiliate will get $3 every month as long as the customer doesn't cancel their subscription.


In this section, you will decide who can become an affiliate.

  • Anyone -- anyone can sign up to become an affiliate.
  • Only Customers -- anyone with an active license key can become an affiliate.
  • Only People I Invite -- send private email invites to affiliates of your choice.

Trial Period

In this section you can give free trials to customers who sign up using an affiliate link.

Additional Initial Fee

In this section, you can charge an additional one-time fee on top of the regular product price. Affiliates will also earn a commission on this additional fee.



You can export a list of all Affiliates at

How to Onboard Affiliates

If you have the Publicity setting set to either Anyone or Only Customers, you will onboard affiliates by sending them your affiliate sign up link. You can copy your affiliate invite link here. If your Publicity setting is set to Only people I Invite, you will email private invite links by clicking the New button here.

Becoming an Affiliate

Signing up to become an affiliate is quick and easy. Affiliate candidates should follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to affiliate sign-up link (Example)
  2. Login with Discord or Email
  3. Click Get Started
  4. Click Manage payouts
  5. Create a Stripe Express account.

Once affiliates have created a Stripe Express account, they can navigate to your affiliate dashboard (yourdashboardlink/affiliates), copy their affiliate link and start making sales!