Reward users for inviting new customers

An affiliate program can be an extremely effective way of driving revenue. The idea behind affiliate programs is that you give someone a link that they can use to refer people to your product, and if someone buys the product using an affiliate's link, they get a percentage of the revenue from that sale.

How it works

Once you set up your affiliate program in your settings, users can go to your member portal ( to register as an affiliate. Once registered, affiliates are given a link that they can use to refer new customers. For every sale they make, affiliates are rewarded:

  1. Immediately after checkout
  2. For recurring products, every billing interval moving forward.

Let's say you choose a $30/mo product and a 10% reward when setting up your affiliate program. For every sale made by an affiliate, the affiliate will get $3 every month as long as the customer doesn't cancel their subscription.